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Your cellphone asks: "What are you watching?"

Omar McFarlane

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Whether ECHELON is true or not is debatable, but for now we know that Integrated Media Measurement, Inc. is, in fact, real. The IMMI has developed special cellphones that can eavesdrop on conversations, so it can find out what you are watching or listening to. The devices work by randomly recording 10 seconds of "room audio" every 30 seconds, and then comparing it to digital signatures on IMMI servers. The signatures, which can be determined up to two weeks later to accommodate for TiVo users, are then matched and grouped with your demographic data for marketers' consumption. However -- before you run for your Reynolds Wrap -- like Neilsen ratings, this is an opt-in program, so unless your already enlisted we're pretty sure your phone won't judge you for enjoying Beauty and the Geek.

[Via Futurismic]

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