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University students bring Bomberman to life, sans bombs


A group of students at the University of Aalborg in Copenhagen have taken their Bomberman fandom to some grin-inducing new heights, crafting an updated version of the game that tosses out the traditional joystick and gamepad in favor of an all new toque-based interface. The system works by using a ceiling-mounted camera that monitors the movements of the two behatted players below, relaying their positions in real time to the game to control their respective characters. It's not yet quite perfected, however, with the all-important bomb dropping action simply controlled using a wireless mouse instead of a gesture-based interface. It also appears that it only supports two players for the time being, which certainly cuts down on the fun somewhat, but no doubt helps to prevent some unintended injuries. And, yes, there is a video -- check it out after the break.

[Via Joystiq]

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