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Unrealistically Phat Loot Phriday: Moldavite Ring of the Tiger


Iravada of the European server Quel'Thalas tips us off to a ring that's been floating around her server: the Moldavite Ring of the Tiger, which has some .... interesting statistics on it. Very interesting statistics. Iravada notes that you can't equip it, "but if you could :0."

Specifically, this is what you'd get if you could equip it:

  • 27,590 attack power if you're a warrior, rogue, hunter, or any melee DPS class except for a druid. Druids with Heart of the Wild will get 33,108 attack power. Mages, warlocks and priests will get 13,795 melee attack power from the strength, which would make you a pretty scary mage when you're out of mana.
  • Along those lines, druids would get an approximately 2,365 increase in their damage per second, and all other melee classes will get an additional 1,970 DPS.
  • All classes will have their armor increased by 27,590 from the agility. And you thought bear druids were tough NOW ...
  • It's not even possible to determine what this would do to critical strike chances and dodge, because it puts these at well over 100 percent for all melee classes. Can you double-crit something? Would you just slowly fade out of existence from sheer awesomeness?

I think we can all be pleased that this bugged item is unequippable, because I'm not going to want to face the hunter with this on in the battlegrounds. Mike Schramm reports that he's also seen screenshots of some plate legs with around 189,009 armor, which I couldn't dig up on Google.

Have you seen any of these exceptionally overpowered items on your server? What would you do if you found something beautiful but unequippable -- display it for a laugh, or try to score a quick epic flying mount off some poor sucker in the auction house?

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