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Where are the Wii-chargeable battery packs?


Sony got one thing right with the PS3 ... the Sixaxis recharge through USB was brilliant. Even Microsoft has their very convenient Xbox 360 quick recharge station for when you're on a Gears of War bender. As the Joystiq staff discovers that the Wii-mote is making us go through batteries faster than our dissatisfied lovers, the big question becomes: When can we finally expect to see Wii battery packs or recharge stations?

The Nyko station (pictured) was a huge hit at CES. The representative for Nyko said that they've had tremendous response to the product, but all they can tell us is that they expect a Q1 launch. We also have been tracking other third party manufacturers trying to get a Wii-mote recharge station out to market. And Nintendo? Who knows. All we can say is that whoever gets those battery packs out first will get our money. Sure, you could get a pack of rechargeable batteries, but we'd prefer plugging into a dock that will always keep our controllers charged up and ready, rather than fumbling to replace batteries. Why can't we just have a Nintendo DS battery put into the Wii-mote v2.0 -- those batteries are amazing!

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