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Widget Watch: Twitterlex - Yet Another Twitter Dashboard widget

David Chartier

The web just keeps showing its love for Twitter, the new social service that asks the simple question: "what are you doing?" The service has exploded recently, capturing users from all around including Leo Laporte, Darth Vader and even your favorite Apple blog! Naturally, when a site becomes this infectious, plenty of add-ons, scripts, apps and widgets are sure to crop up, and Twitterlex by Brett Taylor is yet another Twitter related product.

Like Twitgit which we previously mentioned, Twitterlex displays the latest updates from your friends, and allows you to post your own. Of all the widgets (and apps) I've seen so far, Twitterlex has the best UI in terms of a sleek, compact interface that lets you see your friends' updates as they happen. Sure, Twitterific from the Icon Factory has the sexy transparent smoke thing going on, but I love having everyone's names and updates displayed without having to manually scroll through a list.

Still, to each their own, and thanks to the Twitter Fan Wiki and an enthusiastic community that seems to be growing exponentially, you each have no shortage of options for playing with Twitter.

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