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Potentia Semiconductor intros primary side power module for LCD HDTVs

Darren Murph

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Although finding power supplies potent enough to power just about anything isn't exactly a struggle, locating an adequate power source that takes up the absolute minimum amount of space within a given enclosure is an ongoing challenge. Potentia Semiconductor has introduced what it calls the "industry's first primary side power module" for LCD HDTVs, which will purportedly allow for 32- to 65-inch sets to become even slimmer. The PM-6010 is a "power control and conversion module for primary side, off-line power factor correction (PFC) and isolated DC-DC power conversion using LLC resonant power topologies," which essentially spells out in so many words that it can provide the power LCD TVs need in a fraction of the size, but curiously omits details about just how much volume will be saved. Nevertheless, the device is available to early access customers in versions ranging from 200 to 500 watts, and can be implemented in sets that "employ the direct powering of the CCFL backlighting from the PFC or traditional power topologies."

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