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Warlock Spells: Incinerate

Chris Miller

Warlocks get a few new non-talent related spells in the expansion pack. One of the neatest ones is called Incinerate. Incinerate is acquired at level 64, and it's a fire-based spell in the destruction tree. As you can see from the tooltip, it has a pretty average mana cost (Rank 10 Shadowbolt, learned at level 60, uses 370, this uses 325) and does less damage. Oh, it does less damage unless you've got an Immolate debuff already up on the target, in which case this does damage on par with a shadowbolt, with a lower casting time. For more on this spell, and a picture of the coolest casting graphic in the game, read on.

It's also a fire-based nuke that doesn't have an additional aggro component, like Searing Pain does, so it's a very handy spell to have against shadow-resistant mobs. It also doesn't have many of the bonus effects through talents in the Destruction tree that Immolate and Shadow Bolt get. It does benefit from Devastation, Ruin and Backlash, but not from Improved Immolate or Shadow and Flame.

So there you have it, one new spell, with a very very cool graphic.

Next up: Soulshatter.

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