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AddOn Spotlight: MetaHUD

Eliah Hecht

When I posted my UI the other day, as well as when I posted about ArcHUD, I got a lot of Drathal's HUD (DHUD) fans telling me I should use that instead. I had tried DHUD before, but it never really grabbed me. However, I figured if so many nice WoW Insider readers liked it, perhaps I should give it another shot. MetaHUD seems to be DHUD's successor, so I downloaded that, and have been playing with it for the last day or so.

The verdict? I love it! You guys were right; MHUD is really, really nice. I'm not sure I'm going to throw away Arc just yet, but MHUD is making me very happy indeed. I think my favorite part is the casting bar, which I liked so much I put up a shoddy video on YouTube of it (please excuse my YouTube noobiness; it looks better on screen, I swear).

Ooh, so pretty.

I did end up having to enlarge the HUD, to 0.9 rather than its default of 0.8, and move the whole thing down about 24px to make it look good to me. I find the default-on range indicator distracting, too, as it can't show anything over 25 yards, so I turned that off. Also, the Target's Target display, while I'm sure it's great for tanking, distracts considerably, flashing right there in the middle like that. In my opinion, that should definitely default to "off." But overall, MHUD is a great, solid, very customizable HUD, and I can recommend it, right next to ArcHUD, to just about anyone. Only time will tell if I'm going to stick with this or move back to Arc, but I'll let you guys know in a future post.

P.S. I did take up your suggestion to get MobHealth3, jellywerker, and it's great. The reason the targeted mob's HP aren't known is because he's friendly, so I've never killed him.

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