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New skills for Hunter pets incoming

Eliah Hecht

A poster in the Hunters forum asked whether Hunters would, any time soon, be able to learn skills from beasts without taming them, or if not, if we could get more stable slots. Nethaera replied to let us know that new skills for Hunter pets are in the works, slated for the "next large patch" (she declined to give a patch number, but I'm thinking 2.1). Here's the pertinent information from her postings in that thread. The summary is that we will be getting new skills that are "trainable and transferable between pets," and autoattack/autoshot will be able to be toggled in the interface options.

  • We still intend to add more pet abilities and will most likely start with the next large patch we do. I can't give you a specific patch number or date, but it will be the start of the additions that we have been planning to do. We will be adding more gradually over time after that as well.
  • When I'm saying adding abilities, I don't mean adding abilities to individual pet types but abilities that are trainable and transferable between pets. I am going to double check that this is correct for you all, but my reading comprehension is fine and I did answer the question. We are not adding more stable slots.
  • I put in a query to get a bit more information on anything I can about how the mechanics are changing since it's been awhile even since we last discussed it here. Thus, why I'm working to do some follow-up on it since updates are going to be added before too much longer. Just be patient. Saying "You didn't answer the question" doesn't make the answers come any faster folks. I'm trying to get you what I can.

    As for any other feedback, I have one other item I can tell you all about and that is in regard to autoattack and autoshot. We'll be adding an ability to toggle this on and off in the interface options at some point in the near future as well.
So still no word on the original forum poster's question, but hey, new pet skills -- that's worth something, right? And we'll be sure to keep you posted if we hear anything about tame-less skill acquisition.

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