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Verizon signed up to get Treo 700wx

Chris Ziegler

Sprint scored a rare rib on CDMA rival Verizon when it went straight past the Verizon-exclusive Treo 700w to launch the 700wx, but as the old saying goes, all good exclusivity agreements come to an end. New rebate verbage spotted by a customer on Verizon's website makes mention of a $100 rebate on the 700wx -- $150 for the soon-to-be-outmoded 700w -- and even better, the rebate expires February 19, suggesting that there's a sliver of hope we'll see a launch in the next few weeks. To be fair, the re-upped model is nearly identical to its predecessor save for an extra 32MB of RAM, correcting a major complaint from current owners but otherwise adding little to no excitement value. No word on pricing, but hey, at least we know we'll be getting $100 off whatever it might go for.

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