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Wii mod gets those GameCube ports up front where they once belonged


Cheap Ass Gamer "hollowfreak," who apparently had quite a bit of time on his hands, but not a moment to spare for reaching around his Wii to get at the GameCube ports, just modded up his Wii to redirect the ports that oh-so-important 5-inches to the front. In the process, hollowfreak doubled his Wii heft, not to mention totally killed the sexy, but in all he really didn't do a bad job for himself, and the extra blue LED lights never hurt. Plus the mod looks to be modular, so hf can always get his Super Smash Bros. Melee game on for a few hours, and then pop off the hefty mod when he's in a mood to impress the ladies. Check out the insides and another angle after the break.

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