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Sony sauce spices up your Real PS3 Grill BBQ

Darren Murph

Although we're a tad doubtful the vast majority of you PS3 owners set out to convert your gaming console into a grill, apparently more than a few have done so in Japan, or else they just get a kick out of dousing their banbanji in Sony sauce. Although the translation here is loose, it looks like a gimmicky t-shirt manufacturer in Japan felt like mocking the so-called Sony Emmy by actually naming a condiment after it, which if not a joke, would actually be fairly flattering. Anywho, the sauce sports a clever label celebrating the faux SIXAXIS award, as well as picturing the PS3 Grill and coming in both 20GB (small) and 60GB (large) varieties. Additionally, the 20GB size is marked down to ¥399 ($3.28) from the MSRP of ¥499, while the 60GB bottle sports an "open price," but should go for ¥599 ($4.92). It doesn't look like a smattering of these sauces were produced, though, so you'd best phone your loyal friend(s) in Japan to head out and snag you one if you're so inclined, but for those holding off, be sure to hit the read link for a bevy of detailed pics.

[Via Joystiq]

Update: We wished we'd spent 30 seconds trying to remember what we learned in Japanese class in college, but our colleages at the Tokyo bureau were happy to school us. The product is a pun on the word "source," since "source" and "sauce" are pronounced roughly the same way (soh-soo) in Japanese.

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