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USB-powered Posture Reminder keeps slouching in check

Darren Murph

Those kind, considerate folks over at Brando are continuing to look out for the chair-sitter's well-being, as the USB Posture Reminder ranks right up there with the USB drink chiller and USB hair trimmer as goods that any desk-strapped individual should keep nearby. This USB-powered device clips onto the top of your monitor's frame, but instead of enabling video chats, it keeps a constant eye on the distance of your forehead in relation to the screen. The VISOMATE uses an ultrasonic sensor to determine whether your eyes are too close (or not close enough) to your screen; if you see a blue light being emitted, you're doing just fine staying in the 35- to 60-centimeter range, but if you manage to slouch too close and break the 35-centimeter barrier, a flashing red light will alert you to your mistake. If blinking lights aren't enough to cause epileptic fits straighten you out, you can even turn a "Chime" function on to reinforce the severity of bad posture, and you can take the first step in correcting your atrocious leaning habit by plopping down $26 and vowing to actually install it when it arrives.

[Via Uber-Review]

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