USB-powered drink chiller / warmer keeps beverages happy

If you're the type who spends more time in your computer chair than basically anywhere else, Brando's got a must-have coming your way. While the zany (and numerous) array of USB-powered gizmos we've seen is nothing short of overwhelming, the USB Chiller And Warmer actually ranks fairly high in the utility department. Sporting that oh-so-hip glossy white finish, the device is entirely USB-powered, rocks a built-in fan, and can keep your beverage cool or warm with the flip of a switch. Moreover, it claims to boost the temperature of your drink 29-degrees in 10 minutes, and chills 13-degrees in the same period of time. So if you're already surrounded by a mini fridge and espresso machine, be sure to throw down the $24 required to keep your rear planted (and drink temperature satisfactory) around the clock.