LG's GR-G227STBA, latest in TV fridge line

Ever get the feeling that electronics companies are starting to assume the adult buying market's not too different from a screaming backseat child? Because if you're not staring at a display for every waking moment of the day, you must not very well be living in the future like the rest of us, right? It would appear LG (Europe) wants you join everyone else in 2006 and scrap that junky Frigidaire already for their new GR-G227STBA refrigerator, which has an Express Freeze option, anti-bacterial coating, and inputs for your DVD player, cable TV, and radio. Except it doesn't actually sound like the display in the fridge door does much else; for $4,400 US we at least expected a touchscreen with some FreshDirect integration or something, you know?