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SplitFish details PS3 force feedback tech


See, whatcha do is, take a big ole' fish, split that sucka, stuff a buncha SixAxis parts in his belly, sew 'im back up, smash a couple buttons thru his eyes, then glue the rest of 'dem necessities on -- and BAM! You should get 'bout two minutes of force feedback...

As it turns out, SplitFish's SensorFX technology isn't quite as sophisticated as we imagine above. The Edmonton tinkerer explains that its version of force feedback uses no moving parts, but is capable of delivering a range of sensations throughout different locations of the controller -- okay, but can you also eat it once the "battery" is dead? SensorFX apparently features two distinct modes, one for games that already support force feedback, and one for games that don't; yes folks, it just takes a guess, and rumbles away.

SplitFish also confirms that it has not yet previewed its latest technology for Sony, as Sony spokesman Dave Karakker indicated earlier this week. SplitFish made no further assumption about the possibility of SensorFX being incorporated into a future version of Sony's SixAxis, but did reveal plans to work with both game publishers and hardware manufactures (maybe Nintendo and Microsoft want in too, maybe) in an effort to gain multi-platform support for its patent-pending force feedback invention.

[Via press release]

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