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Buffalo Bills to replace JumboTron with a HD LED screen

Matt Burns

Times are changing and Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the NFL's Buffalo Bills, are going to keep up. Sure, they weren't the first to install a high-def screen in their stadium, that honor went to Dolphin Stadium, but the screen at the Ralph Wilson Stadium has big shoes to fill - 41.5' by 31.5' to be exact. 13 years ago, the county-owned stadium spent eight million taxpayers dollars (including inflation) to install the largest screen in country, the JumboTron, and while they are not going to claim that honor again (University of Texas holds that honor with a screen 134'x55'), this new one is going to be big. This time around however, the LED-powered display will cost taxpayers $5.2 million but will also include one of those swanky ribbon displays that will wrap around the stadium. Mitsubishi technology is powering the whole shindig and we have a sneaking suspicion that it uses the same magic found in the world's largest high-def display located at a Japanese horse racetrack. However they get the it done, an 82.8' by 33.5' display is humongous and is a worthy replacement for the infamous JumboTron

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