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Team Xecuter posts Blaster360 firmware flasher install guide


In a shot across Microsoft's bow, Team Xecuter has released a how-to for the installation of its yet to be released Blaster360 firmware flasher. There's a range of different motivations behind wanting to flash your Xbox 360, the most obvious being the ability to update your Xbox 360's firmware to a newer and improved version. Of course, whether or not that "newer and improved" firmware is officially sanctioned by Microsoft is another matter entirely. If the homebrew community's relationship with Sony regarding the PSP's firmware is anything to go by, it would probably be safe to assume that Microsoft doesn't even want its users to switch between official firmware versions, let alone modded ones that trick the 360 into playing "backed up" games. In the past the company has never stepped up and taken a public stand against any of these third party solutions; a position that could change due to the main innovation of the Blaster360. As the install guide shows, a user only needs to open their Xbox 360 once in order to change the firmware. Once the chip is all plugged in it's possible to change firmware from outside the box, making it very easy to switch modded machines back to their factory state. That removes an easily recognizable sign that a console is modded, and puts the ball very firmly into Microsoft's court.

[Via Xbox-Scene]

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