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Sega: Virtua Tennis 3 brings its 1080p game to the Xbox 360

We're sure Microsoft exec Scott Henson -- who last March said 1080p graphics were "basically impossible" -- is probably going to help himself to an extra generous portion of humble pie as Sega announces that Virtua Tennis 3, already running proudly in 1080p on the PlayStation 3, will be arriving in full true HD glory on the Xbox 360 as well.

Sega's press release can barely handle the full resolution of the news, gushing, "For the first time, Xbox 360 gamers can experience high-definition 1080p graphics on their console with Virtua Tennis 3." Of course, it's no coincidence that the first Xbox 360 game to hit that magic resolution was one of the few PS3 launch games to make it there as well. The tennis court remains relatively static while the players (choose from up to 20 tennis pros!) move around, unencumbered by dozens of creepy monsters from an alternate history intent on killing them. Now that Sega's paved the way (with clay we imagine), how long before future titles sign-up for 1080p doubles?

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