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Sony Ericsson adds trio of headsets

Chris Ziegler

With all the fanfare getting trumpeted by Sony Ericsson today, it seems there might not be much left in that bag of tricks for next week's 3GSM. Heck, they've even spilled the beans on their latest batch of headsets, two Bluetooth units and a wired stereo model (they still make those?). The HBH-PV702 (pictured above) and HBH-PV710, the Bluetooth pieces, both clock in at 14 grams with a 61 x 18mm outline, though the PV710 offers an additional hundred hours of standby time for a total of 300; it's also the more stylish of the two, hitting streets in brown and red. The old-skool HPM-75, meanwhile, keeps it real with a 3.5mm jack (if the included 'buds aren't quite up to snuff) and a selection of rubber inserts of various sizes. Expect all three to be available between the end of Q1 and mid Q2, but since we know some folks are chomping at the bit to get these goodies in their pockets, we've added shots of the PV710 and HPM-75 after the break to hold 'em over.

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