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Sony Ericsson's W610 Walkman for US plebes


Cheer up, if you're living in the US it's not all bad news this morning -- Sony Ericsson has some love for you too. Meet their new W610 Walkman. Sure, it's not as thin or handsome as the W880 Walkman, but at least it's quad-band with EDGE data making it GSM carrier agnostic in North America. Still no 3G though... but you get an RDS FM Radio, an LED light for your photo ops, and a better battery with up to 25 hours of music playback or 7 hours of talk time. Like the W880, you get A2DP stereo Bluetooth audio, a 2 megapixel camera, and that full suite of music management software. However, unlike the 1GB M2 card shipped with the W880, the W610 ships with a 512MB card. Oh sure, it's not as slim, but the extra few millimeters buys a whole 0.1-inch in diagonal display turf. Sigh, still feels like table scraps eh? Hell, it even ships in Q2, a whole quarter later than the European launch of the W880. SE, did we do something wrong?

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