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Wonde Proud's Bluetooth GPS receiver touts unreal battery life

Darren Murph

Alright, so maybe "unrealistic" is more like it, but regardless, we highly doubt the latest Bluetooth GPS device from Taiwan's own Wonde Proud can actually live up to its lofty claims. Of course, the GPS-BT760 could indeed be using some early prototype form of EEStor's sensational battery, but considering the company itself proclaims the built-in battery is of the 2400mA/h Li-ion variety, we're a bit miffed. Aside from claiming up to "55 hours of continuous use" on a single charge, the unit is fairly ho hum, and sports a SiRF Star III receiver, -159dBm sensitivity, four hour recharge rate, four LEDs to indicate status, and a "non-slip back pad" for chilling on your dash. Nah, there's no pricing -- or more importantly, actual availability -- information just yet on this one, but if someone manages to scoop one and has just over two full days to prove or disprove a claim, let us in on the results.

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