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Wii bowling "power throws": Whither the perfect 890?

Kyle Orland

In a roundtable discussion before the Wii's release, Nintendo designer Takayuki Shimamura declared that "in all of the endless testing which Nintendo has done on [Wii Sports bowling], no one has ever achieved a perfect score!" This factoid didn't last very long -- since the system's release dozens of players have posted YouTube videos of their own perfect games, complete with anti-climactic confetti endings.

But while this seemingly impressive feat has now become commonplace, another Wii Sports bowling challenge remains seemingly unachieved and practically unachievable. We're speaking of a perfect score in the "Power Throws" training game, which steadily increases the number of pins at the end of the lane from a base of 10 to a staggering 91 pins in the tenth frame. Their are 445 total pins to knock down, but the game doubles the frame score for each strike, making a score of 890 the perfect ideal.

Despite our best efforts, we could not find documented evidence of such a score online. The best we could find on YouTube was an 804, and even this impressive player used the well-known cheat to strike out on the last frame. A couple of players on have claimed to max out the score, but neither submitted so much as a screenshot as proof. Gaming scoreboard Twin Galaxies doesn't even track the Power Throws minigame yet, probably because no one has bothered to send in a VHS tape of their achievement as per the rules.

So we're putting out a challenge to the Joystiq community. Can anyone out there achieve the holy grail of Wii Sports and get a perfect score in this difficult minigame? The first person to submit video evidence of the feat (without cheating!) will get a handsome Joystiq T-shirt and eternal Internet glory as their reward. Entries can be submitted using the tips submission page. Good luck!

[Update: The challenge has been met by Joystiq reader el moco, who sent in the below video to confirm the feat. Mr. moco also outlined his methods on the WiiModWii forums. Congratulation el moco, we'll be contacting you about the T-shirt soon.]

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