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Mio readying c720 / c320 GPS handhelds?

Darren Murph

Considering that Mio's known for cranking out a good variety of GPS handhelds, it's not too surprising to hear that the firm is readying a new duo of units to fill the voids surrounding the recently-unveiled c520. According to GPSReview, the c520 will slide into the middle position as the c320 and c720 flank both sides of the lineup, and while information on each of these presumably forthcoming units are a bit scarce at the moment, it seems that we could be getting a taste of something new. While both devices are slated to boast the same internal antenna, MP3 playback functionality, and SD / MMC support, the c720 could potentially get a two-megapixel camera affixed to the rear, which would likely be used to "store tracklogs" and enable geotagging. As with most not-yet-announced items, there's no word just yet on expected price or availability, but hopefully Mio won't keep us waiting around too long.

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