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Using the LFG tool


Is the reason that the game's built-in LFG tool is little-used really lack of knowledge on the part of the users? While we know Blizzard is planning some changes to the tool (hopefully for the better), right now it's still all we have for finding groups . And Mairek of Medivh has posted some tips on the official forums to help us all make better use of the tool, and maybe even get some good groups in the process.

  • If you are looking for a group to go to an instance, make sure you click off the Auto-Join option. This will guarantee that you have control over the groups you will join or the classes that join your group.
  • Comment box: this is a great field where you can let people know what you currently need or have for a certain quest or dungeon. Ex. if you are a warrior and you prefer to DPS to tanking, then include this information in the box.
  • Searching for members is easy: go to the LFM tab and select the dungeon/quest that you are looking for more members. You will get a list of everyone that has that dungeon/quest selected. When you mouse over the character's name, you will get a small window that will display the character's information, commentaries, dungeons/quests they are LFG, and a list of group members if they are grouped. This allows you to carefully select the groups that you want to join and the classes that you want to add.
  • When inviting other people, send them a whisper first saying that you want to join or invite them to the dungeon/quest that they are LFG. It is rather annoying just getting an invite out of the blue and not knowing what it is for.
This sounds like a good start -- though it still doesn't solve the issue of people not using it. Have tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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