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It lives! The post-rinse cycle iPod

What happens when an iPod Nano meets a washing machine? Nothing good. Late last month, a writer over at the Seattlest left her iPod in her bike shorts. Which her husband kindly washed for her. Oops.

Since bike clothes aren't thrown in the drier, the Nano was at least spared a tumble-dry on high heat, a small mercy. The battery, however, was drained. After connecting the Nano to a USB power source, she was able to recharge the battery and (yay!) found all her music and playlists still onboard.

The buttons were initially a little sluggish, according to her follow-up report, but other than the Menu button they've recovered nicely for her training rides.

The moral of this story? Check your pockets after you train and don't wash your iPod. The ending might not be as happy as this one.

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