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Beat the Genius Bar lines: Quick Drop your Mac

David Chartier

No, we aren't recommending that you pull a drive-by drop-off at your nearest Apple Store, but The Consumerist has a nice tip for beating those Genius Bar blues. Apparently, an anonymous and "disgruntled" Apple Store support employee sent them a tip on how to get the Geniuses behind the bar to whip out a 'Quick Drop' form, which allows you to simply fill out some paperwork and leave your Mac with the store. This allows you to work around all that pesky time waiting in line and getting diagnosed.

So if you're in a hurry, head over to The Consumerist and read the full letter to get the run-down on how to save what little time you have.

[Update: It's sounding like this tip might be bogus. We're receiving comments from those who claim to work at an Apple Store (we obviously can't verify) that the Quick Drop form doesn't exist, and the only way to receive any kind of express service at an Apple Store is to purchase a ProCare membership.]

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