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Saturday PSP Background Explosion

Steven Bailey

It's Saturday PSP Backgrounds Live! Want to be a background whore like me, but don't want to put in the effort? That's why I'm here every Saturday to give PSP Fanboy readers new backgrounds. This week we have a background about super powered aliens, one that features a savior of men and another that takes the lives of men. And one of them is our first fan made background! You know you want one of these on your PSP!

Backgrounds after the jump ...

This is the first time we've had a fan submitted background. This Dragon Ball Z background was made by Thomas. It has everyone's favorite misanthropic Sayian, Vegeta. I'll consider this entry a celebration of the season 1 box set that just came out for cheap. Thanks Thomas!

With the rumors of God of War coming to PSP, I felt it appropriate to have a God of War background this week. Hopefully we'll all have God of War on the PSP in more than background form soon.

Lastly, I decided to do a background for an older PSP game, but one that is overlooked and creative; Exit. This puzzler had you helping people out of burning buildings and other danger with time always against you. There was a sequel that never came to the US, but it's not a text heavy game, so import it if you dig the first game. There's a demo available for the game if you haven't and want to check it out.

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