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Future Shop wants Canadians to get 360s; Free gift card if out of stock

David Dreger

Future Shop, the Canadian equivalent to Best Buy (who actually purchased the franchise in 2001), promoted the Xbox 360 as a worthy next gen console in a recent "Ask the Expert" column. The article brings up various points about how the 360 stacks up to the competition, mentioning price, resolution and available titles. It's good that they're giving an honest look at the hardware. They finished up with the following:

"Even better, Future Shop guarantees that the Xbox 360 will always be in stock - or you'll receive a $30 Future Shop Gift Card - so you can join in the future of gaming anytime. "

So you fellow Canuck fanboys keep your eyes peeled next time you're at Future Shop, because you could snag a gift card that could go towards your next game.

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