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Ubisoft Montreal expanding, 1,000 new jobs by 2013


As supposed by La Presse, Ubisoft has formalized plans to expand its Montreal studio with the help of government aid. The Paris-based company will spend as much as C$454 million (approximately $383.9 million USD) over the next six years, while Quebec will chip in C$19 million in tax credits. Ottawa's also offering a C$8-million loan to help grow the studio, which is expected to create roughly 1,000 new jobs in the Montreal area by 2013.

The expansion will unfold in two simultaneous phases. The studio's video game division will be beefed up with 500 new positions, while a CGI studio is created, eventually providing an additional 500 jobs. The new studio will produce short films based on Ubisoft properties, including an 8-minute Assassin's Creed featurette.

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