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Video: Crackdown's first 10 minutes

David Dreger

Xboxyde has a video showcasing the first 10 minutes of Crackdown. The opening cinematic takes a comic book style similar to XIII or Ultimate Spiderman did on the original Xbox. That makes sense, given that all three titles used a form of cel-shading. The video doesn't do much except show the difference in the rate your attributes level up from the demo. None the less, it's interesting enough for those who can't wait until the 20th. It is available as torrents in High Definition (346 MB WMV), Standard Definition (106 MB AVI), and Streaming.

It looks to be a blast, and now you feel like you have to earn those 4 star attributes, rather than being spoon fed your skills. Speaking of, which attributes do you plan on power leveling, if any? We think that getting four stars for driving out of the way first, then grabbing agility orbs as you progress through the story seems like an interesting way to start.

[Thanks, SoonerBill]

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