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Halo 3 Beta invites delivered to 'Rule of Three' participants


The second phase of Halo 3 Beta registration is complete, as those qualifying through the "Rule of Three" (Halo 2 playathon) have been notified of their entry into the beta. Future beta participants have been emailed the following confirmation:

Congratulations [gamertag],

You were one of the first 13,333 gamers to meet the "Rule of Three" program eligibility requirements. As a result, you have been selected to participate in the Halo® 3 beta.

In order to participate, you must have access to:
- An Xbox 360 Pro console or Xbox 360 Core console with hard drive
- A valid Xbox Live® Gold subscription

Keep an eye on your inbox, we will be sending more information about this opportunity soon.

*Limit one Halo 3 beta invite per person/Xbox Live gamertag. Your invitation is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. The beta is available in English only.

Now that phase one and two are complete, there remains just one opportunity to join the beta test. Buy Crackdown.

This newly leaked clip might be an early glimpse of the beta release. Is that the ole' pistol? Watch while you can (before it's yanked down)...

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