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MEE launched, Marc Ecko getting (all) up (in the industry)


Meet 'Mr. MEE Too.' Following Getting Up, his respectable, but flawed foray into the games industry, fashion mogul and game adherent Marc Ecko has founded a new game division, dubbed Marc Ecko Entertainment (MEE). Aided by industry vets Marc Fernandez (ex-Rockstar) and Shawn Rosen (of Acclaim, the defunct one), Mr. Ecko and team will join the hunt for that ever-elusive quality: innovation. At stake, as Ecko puts it, is the chance to "leave an impression" on an emerging industry -- a fitting ambition for an ego-inspired brand.

Not wasting any time, MEE has reportedly invested in a new project from one of last year's most-celebrated developers. An official announcement is pending. Suspense ensues...

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