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Olympus voice-activated DS-50 records days of audio

Darren Murph

Olympus might have halted production of its DAPs, but it's still taking time out from busting out wicked zoom cameras to dabble in the portable audio realm. The DS-50 is a handheld audio recorder / audiobook player hybrid, and aside from its ability to hold between 17 hours (STXQ stereo mode) and 275 hours (paltry LP mode) on the built-in 1GB of storage, it also touts voice-activated record / playback controls, a backlit LCD screen, MP3 / WMA support, and the obligatory integrated microphone. You'll get around 26 to 31 hours of battery life on a pair of AAA cells, USB connectivity, and Audible support as well. So if you're looking to capture days and days of audio, and want to break up the podcasting sessions with a few books / tunes along the way, the DS-50 can be snapped up now for a stiff £249 ($487).

[Via ShinyShiny]

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