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Series3 8.1 update imminent; still no TiVoToGo or eSATA support

Ben Drawbaugh

As excited as we were when the Series3 was finally released, it became bitter sweet as we realized that the latest and greatest TiVo didn't have all the features that the Series2 had. We're not only talking about TiVoToGo and Multi-room Viewing here, as if those weren't bad enough. Other features such as the presence of a Delete Items folder and TiVoCasts were also missing. While we understand that at some point TiVo had to fork their code for the Series3, we have been anxiously awaiting the addition of these features. It appears now that the wait is almost over as TiVoPony announced on TiVoCommunity that the 8.1 update is starting to roll out now and everyone should have it in the next week or so. So starting forcing those calls now, but don't bother calling customer support, they won't help you get it any faster. Follow the read link for details on the update.


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