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BlueAnt Wireless intros V12 LCD Bluetooth headset


Another day, another donut Bluetooth headset announcement. The BlueAnt Wireless V12 LCD Bluetooth headset, brings little new to a marketplace positively brimming with like devices. If there is one thing we know, it's the age-old trick to help a product stand out: simply place several cool backlit ants on it -- but sadly, that wasn't in the cards this lap 'round the track. What BlueAnt Wireless did get right, however, is to pack a barge-load of features into this 16 gram, 2.3 inch long set. Featuring call display with 10 number redial, vibrating alert, 12 hour talk time, and 300 hour standby (the site labels this as 15 days – apparently the days are shorter in Australia). Throw in ambient noise reduction, and the stylin' brushed aluminum finish rounds out what we would expect to see at the $99.00 price point. Best feature? The magic words 'V12' are on the headset, baby! Anything with V12 in it, or on it, is fine by us.

[Via PHONE Magazine]

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