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Mobile entertainment experience gets slammed by Time Warner CEO

Brian White

If you've tried the native Verizon VCAST and Sprint Music Store features lately, did you come away feeling unimpressed and possibly frustrated? It's been mused that the reason mobile handset-based music services have not reached critical mass with consumers was because the limitations and difficulties with usage. This is true, and nowhere has a system like an iPod clickwheel been installed -- along with music selection software -- on any mobile that gets close to the reality distortion field the iPod ecosystem creates. So, it is no wonder that Time Warner's CEO is kinda bashing the existing and overall mobile music experience for consumers at 3GSM this week. Said Ed Bronfman Jr., who said mobile music purchasing is expensive, complicated and slow, added that "We need to make it easy, affordable and quick to get music on mobile phones -- until we achieve this goal, we will be leaving billions of dollars on the table."

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