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Top 10 Nintendo romances of all-time

Blake Snow

Valentine's day. Where's the love? As we exchange tokens of affection, BE Something examines the top 10 Nintendo romances of all-time sans Mario and Peach I might add. Relationships discussed include Link and Midna, Wario and Waluigi, and Yoshi and Birdo. Oh, and this one: Little Mac and his Trainer from Mike Tyson's Punch Out: "There are not enough words to describe the kind of love that can blossom between a boxing trainer who looks like Carl Winslow and his client, a tiny little boxer that will, someday, beat Mike Tyson, but here are some that come close: divine, incorporeal, earth-shaking, undeniable, enterprising, badass, endearing, colorblind." We'd note that the relationship of boxer and trainer clearly transcends that of mere affection, though. How else could a little boy eventually go on to take out the godless, marauding, and ear-biting killing machine of Mike Tyson?

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