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Hold it! Capcom now accepting pleas for the next Phoenix Wright


If you make your way to Capcom's official Phoenix Wright forums, you'll note that they've just started up a cool little contest involving the third and as yet unlocalized game in the series, Gyakuten Saiban 3. The task is simple: use the provided comic and speech bubbles to create a convincing and preferably hilarious argument for Capcom to bring Gyakuten Saiban 3 to the US as Ace Attorney 3. The allure of winning adorable Phoenix Wright figures is no easy thing to resist.

That being said, is Capcom's ultimate decision really going to be influenced by a forum contest? Considering their recent approach to marketing within the gaming community, we'd suggest that we already have the confirmation of Ace Attorney 3 right here -- unless they were planning to pick some winners and then promptly deny them a localization. Further evidence can be found in the recently released (and utterly superb) Justice for All, which made the Phoenix Wright name less prominent and placed the focus on Ace Attorney. This is likely in preparation for an English version of Gyakuten Saiban 4, the forthcoming built-for-DS sequel that stars a new protagonist.

(Just in case we're completely wrong though, keep in mind that the contest comes to a close on February 28!)

[Via DS Fanboy]

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