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Yamaha's YSP-900 Digital Sound Projector: a 5.1 sound bouncer that works


The YSP-900 Digital Sound Projector joins Yamaha's high-end YSP-1100 in their digital sound projector line-up of simulated surround-sound speaker-bars. As a followup to the YSP-800, the YSP-900 comes in silver or black and introduces the "My Beam" and "IntelliBeam" functions previously found only in the YSP-1100. Just press and hold a button on the remote control and the My Beam function will instantly "beam" the sound in your direction -- useful for the hard-of-hearing or late-night movie fests while the rest of the household slumbers. IntelliBeam then, is the auto system calibration software which optimizes the unit's placement in the room. Just keep in mind that the sound will bounce best in a rectangular room with the couch offset from the center of the back-wall. That limitation aside, Yamaha's sound projectors come highly touted for quick and not-so-dirty home theater setup. Hitting Japan on February 22nd for ¥94,800 or about $602. Better yet, these will come Stateside soon enough.

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