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Peel: MP3 Blog Client

Mat Lu

Peel is an interesting application for reading and subscribing to MP3 blogs. What is an MP3 blog (or musicblog) you ask? Well Wikipedia says that a musicblog is simply a blog whose main point is offering MP3s (or other digital audio files) for download (along with commentary). Peel is very self consciously meant to look like iTunes and is designed to integrate with it, allowing you to "add your favorite music directly to iTunes with a click of a button." Peel has two panes, one for managing and downloading the music, and the other for reading the blog postings. Once you download Peel you'll find three musicblogs already subscribed and you can immediately start streaming music from them. It even features Growl support for displaying track information.

The Music Blog Wiki has a musicblog directory which looks like a good place to get started. This seems like it might be a great way for learning about new music. Anybody out there a big musicblog fan? If so, which ones?

Peel is in beta and so a free download for the moment, but will eventually sell for $14.95

Thanks to those who sent this in!

[Via lifehacker]

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