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Pre-installed Opera to come on some WM6 devices?

Brian White

We never thought we would live to see the day that Pocket IE was pushed aside hastily by some Windows Mobile users in favor of the Opera browser. In the "fat lady sings" department that is in rumorland at the moment, the CEO of Opera has flat-out stated that some WM6 handsets will have the Opera browser pre-installed. Eek, say it isn't so! Until we can confirm this, we're on pins and needles along with every other Opera-lovin' WM customer on the planet. How about specific devices? Those beans have no been spilled yet, although the Motorola Q was alluded to along with some unspecified HTC, Toshiba and Asus units. If you're still on PIE (Pocket IE) and have not downloaded Opera already (or some other browser), having that beauty pre-installed is next to foolproof for a better browsing experience for many of us. We're counting the seconds until confirmation of this rumor.

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