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Rinspeed and Bayer develop transparent eXasis vehicle

Darren Murph

At last, the long, grueling wait has ended. We now have a transparent vehicle to match those dashing clear polycarbonate rims, as Rinspeed is teaming up with Bayer MaterialScience AG yet again to create another eye-catching vehicle. Just over two years have passed since the two collaborated on the Senso, but now their minds are set on crafting a Makrolon-based whip "with a completely transparent body and floor," and if you can manage to look through over the clearness, you'll notice a compact two-cylinder 750-ccm Weber engine sitting atop the transmission. Additionally, those hoping that this piece of eye candy would be kind to the environment will also be thrilled, as the motor is entirely driven by bioethanol. Once you're seated in the specially-designed Recaro chairs, twin "transparent indicator and function displays" appear to hover on both sides of your field of vision, and touching them opens up a bevy of user-controlled options whilst motoring around. Notably, this outlandish ride has far surpassed the Photoshop stage, and will actually be on display at next month's Geneva Motor Show, and if you're interested in seeing this bad boy in high resolution, be sure to tag the links below and hold on tight.

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