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Ask PSP Fanboy: Volume 7


Every Saturday, PSP Fanboy will answer your burning questions. If you have a question for the team, send an e-mail to andrew @ with the subject "Ask PSP Fanboy."

Q: Is downgrading to 1.5 and upgrading to the latest Sony update later harmful to the PSP?
A: Downgrading hasn't proven to be too "dangerous" on the PSP. However, you always run a chance of bricking your system whenever you overwrite its precious flash memory. If you're currently running an official PSP firmware at the moment, you can simply update by using "Network Update" or by accessing Sony's official website. However, if you're using OE firmware, you should downgrade first. There are reports that upgrading to the latest firmware from an OE edition will brick your system.

Q: Are you planning on adding any more functionality to Like the ability to view the toolbar on the side with game titles and categories would be great. I love to browse the site from my PSP and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
A: We're not going to update the Mobile version of our site any time soon. Why? To be honest, it doesn't make any money (notice how there aren't any ads on that version?). It was simply meant to be a bonus treat for the mobile community, but not a replacement for our site. However, we're always thinking up new ways to use it, a la PSP Fanboy Theatre and Saturday Background Explosion.

Q: Is it ever okay to use an ISO? Especially in the case or region discrimination.
A: At PSP Fanboy, we take an aggressive anti-ISO stance. Why? It hurts the game developers, and in the end, it hurts the gamer. We love games, and we want to see them thrive. It's really stupid that games are so pricey, and regions experience different releases. However, let's not forget that the PSP is one of the few systems out there with absolutely no region encoding for games. It would be best to import the games you love. Even if you own a game, looking for ISOs on the web leads to a slippery path which you might not be able to come back from.

Hey, even Gamespot uses ISOs.

Q: I was wondering if there are any Sony or Non-Sony sanctioned free music websites that are PSP friendly similar to the site?
A: Sony's Connect site is currently the best option you have. A similar site, PSP-Playlist, launched a few months ago, but hasn't been updated since its opening.

Q: Every time I try to connect to internet on my PSP, it always says: A connection error has occurred (80410A0B).
A: This is the most common problem a PSP will face when attempting to connect to the Internet. If you find this message, go to Settings -> System Settings -> Restore Default Settings. It will delete your connection info, and allow you to start over again. For some reason, this seems to work (it did for me!).

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