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Breakfast topic: How to lrn2farm


I'm pretty sure very few World of Warcraft players will list farming as one of their favorite activities. Mindlessly grinding the same mobs for hours -- whether for money, drops, or reputation -- doesn't present too much of a challenge. It can be great when you finally hit revered or your recipe drops, but until then, it's one of the most mind-numbing, soul-deadening things in WoW, second only to being in a really incompetent PUG with no excuse to get out.

So let's brainstorm some ways to make farming fun.

  • Farm in a group, preferably with someone who can AOE or heal. This makes farming much easier. Also, if you're after a drop, try to confirm that they're not interested in the same drop.
  • Set short-term goals. "I'll kill fifty guys, then I'll go quest." "I'll circle this three times and then I'm going to go to bed."
  • Put something on in the background. I prefer Pandora Internet Radio, or stealthing and going to troll some forums, but I managed to get down four episodes of LOST in windowed mode while searching for protection potion recipes back before TBC.
  • Start randomly talking to people, either in Vent or in PMs. I spent about half of Black Morass last night arguing about whether Superman or Batman was cooler ("Batman just has money! Superman's powers are innate, which makes him better." "Innate powers make Superman a wuss! He's like a rich kid with a bad haircut.")

Can you think of any tips to make farming easier?

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