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A great big pile of info about future patches


Schwick, a community MVP on the European forums, took the trouble of compiling all known info about future patches into one handy thread. The highlights include:

  • Druids will get an epic flight form, but they'll have to have 300 riding skill to use it -- unlike their regular flight form.
  • The priest spell Circle of Healing is still being looked at for changes, but Blizzard doesn't anticipate changing Pain Suppression in any meaningful way.
  • The PVP matching system will be introduced in the next content patch.
  • There will probably be an Emerald Dream dungeon, but there's a good chance it will be saved until the next expansion. Ravenholdt and the Sunwell will probably be important in the future.
  • Professions will be getting a revamp, and engineering is the first one they're going to look at.
  • Warlock and hunter pets will be dismissed upon flying, so they no longer drag behind you on the ground and make you feel guilty.
  • Guild housing, player last names, and guild banks are all things Blizzard is currently working on.

Thanks to Chris for the tip!

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