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Cylo's 3style jog wheel / mouse spins it up

Darren Murph

While we've seen more than a few folks get a little mod-happy when it comes to crafting their own mousing devices, Cylo Technology is offering up an apparently well thought-out device that should have audio / video editors going wild. If you feel more comfortable spinning a jog wheel than you ever have manually moving a cursor, the "three-dimensional" 3style mouse is right down your alley, as the hybrid input peripheral handles the typical X and Y axes as well as giving users the ability to scroll in any direction with a simple spin. Utilizing a ball bearing pad, the knob can spin freely with just a nudge, and can interpret Z-axis data as well as offering up right-click functionality by squeezing the edges. While some may envision faint similarities to the iMac's hockey puck mouse of days past, this rendition could probably last a bit more than 30 seconds before becoming destined for the trash bin. Nevertheless, the 3style mouse can be used wirelessly as well as in a wired form, and can purportedly work seamlessly with any application that supports a scroll wheel or jog dial, but we'll have to wait until this thing actually hits store shelves before testing out these bold claims ourselves. Click on through for a live demonstration.

[Via HackedGadgets]

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