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Desktop Digital Photo Cube shows photos on diminutive LCD

Darren Murph

Here's one from the same folks who brought you the USB Sound Flash Drive, and while eNECESSITIES' Desktop Digital Photo Cube may not adorn your wall as fashionably as a digiframe might, this piece is made for conversation. Ready to perch atop your living room table or office desk, the cube sports a squint-inducing 1- x 1-inch color LCD display, power / brightness / skip buttons, USB 2.0 connectivity, and the ability to internally store "up to 30 digital photos" for cycling through on the built-in screen. Additionally, the "mood light" should set the tone for the upcoming photo, and those looking for the ultimate party favor can toss their own logo on here for an additional charge. Unfortunately, we're not quite sure just how this snapshot showin' block gets its juice, but those looking to snag 25 or more (sorry, non-bulk customers) can find out for themselves at $51.34 a pop.

[Via Everything USB]

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