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S1Digital's impressive new lineup of Media Centers

Ben Drawbaugh

Media Centers are so in now and that you have to really do something to make your black box stand out, and S1Digital's new lineup of media centers and servers does just that. Actually there are two series, the ProLine for professional installers and home automation companies and the Home Series for the rest of us. The Home Series includes the Platinum, Gold and Mighty editions, all running Core 2 Duo processors and Vista Home Premium. The Mighty is the size of a book and includes built in WiFi and DVD burner. Up next is the Gold, which is a more traditional size and adds up to 1TB of storage, HDMI, 2 ATSC and 2 NTSC tuners (sorry no CableCARD here), 7.1 audio and Viiv. The Platinum tops the Home Series, adding a quiet design an internal scaler and optional HD DVD or Blu-ray drive. But they don't stop there and are trying to join Niveus in the high end market with the ProLine Series, which of course does everything the Home series does, but with Vista Ultimate, rack mountable, a silent design and two-way control for all your favorite home automation systems like Crestron and AMX. As impressive as this lineup is, we are once again left wonder, where are the CableCARDs?

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