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Optimus 103 keys to be swappable


After some rough times a few months back in Art Lebedev land, all seems to be as it should be of late: they feed us hype, we eat it up, everybody wins! We're particularly partial (read: brainwashed) by this latest development on the Optimus 103 keyboard front. Apparently those spiffy OLED keys will come swappable, and Lebedev is planning on offering several configurations of the keyboard to cut down on price, letting you replace standard keys with OLED versions as your pocketbook allows. There might be three types of keys to choose from when all is said and done: OLED keys, backlit keys and standard "dumb" plastic keys. Configurations could include just OLED function keys, all letter keys getting the OLED treatment, and full-on OLED craziness for the big spenders. Seems a reasonable compromise, now let's see it in action!

[Via SlashGear]

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